Monday, March 14, 2005

Week in Florida

As many of you know Kevan has felt the Lord calling him to seminary. Kevan and I went to Orlando, FL for the week of March 5th to attend the Ligonier's Ministry Conference and to check out the RTS Campus in Oviedo, FL. While we were there Kevan also interviewed for a new job in Lake Mary, FL.

RTS Campus ( - We loved the campus and the people were very nice. The seminary seemed to be focused on building relationships and also encouraged relationships with your professors which Kevan and I both really liked. Everyone was very nice and we even sat in on one of the seminary classes and attended chapel.

Conference ( - The conference was great! It was my first time hearing R.C. Sproul in person and it was way better than I had imaged. We had several other speakers and one of my favorite speakers was Mark Dever ( We were very encouraged after the conference and I cannot wait to attend next year.

Interview - The interview went well and Kevan has heard from them and they are very interested in Kevan starting soon.

Here is a picture of the Seminary that Kevan will be attending in Oviedo, FL.

RTS Seminary

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Men's Ski Trip

Kevan went on a Men's Ski Trip with our church and here is a picture of Kevan, Lucas and John.