Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

Kevan and I started demolishing our master bathroom last weekend. I am not brave enough to show you a before picture of the shower. The previous owners had used drywall instead of cement board and the tile was falling out so it looked REALLY bad. Let's just say I did NOT take showers in the shower, but always used the guest bath. I started to chip up the floor with my handy dandy demo tool/chipping hammer/hammer drill (Kevan got it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago). We have used it quite a bit for our home improvement projects. Below is a "before" picture and a "current" picture of where we are. We chipped up the floor last weekend and Friday night we started to take out the shower tile and tub. We think it went really well. The hardest part was getting the tub out because it fit perfectly in it's little spot. We had to take out some drywall to get it out. We finished everything and were leaving the dump by 2pm on Saturday. Our trailer load of debris was 1100 lbs!!! The tub was cast iron so it weighed quite a bit!

Here is a picture of our trailer full of the debris. We set it right outside the window so all we had to do was throw the debris out the window into the trailer (even the bathtub). I guess that is one of the pluses with having a window in your shower! Probably one of the only one!