Friday, July 23, 2010

Moss Park (Orlando, FL)

Kevan and I go to Moss Park quite a bit. We have been there camping, hiking, fishing and we also go there on most Sunday afternoons to just drive/walk around. If you like wildlife it is a wonderful park to see. Who knew that all of this wildlife existed in a non-Disney park in Orlando?

We normally see hawks, deer, sandhill cranes, racoons, woodpeckers, various other birds and we've even seen a scrub jay. There is also a boat launch or you can fish off the shore. I did catch a pretty good size bass one day while we were there. Below are a few pics of what we encounter on our visits.

The other night while driving down the road toward the entrance we found this little guy. Isn't he cute!

Then, these sandhill cranes tried to get in our car. It may have been due to the fact that there was some leftover Taco Bell in the car that they smelled, but I like to believe they wanted to come home with us. :o)

We've seen hawks almost every time we've visited (mostly near the boat launch). Here is a picture of a hawk we were watching the other day. His head is totally turned watching us and that is the back of his body. Pretty amazing. We also caught a hawk that had a snake and was almost finished eating him. Click here if you want to see him.

If you are interested in viewing our other Moss Park pics, my favorites are here and ALL of them are here.

I will leave you with this. He is just so darn cute.