Monday, April 25, 2005

Praise the Lord!

We found a home! It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1932 square foot home in Casselberry, FL. It is about 11 minutes from the Seminary and 20 minutes from Kevan's job. :o) It has a BEAUTIFUL screened porch on the back with a landscaped yard. The master bedroom is huge and has his/her walk-in closets. :o) The owner had a lot of pride in her home so it has been fixed up really nice. The window sills in the dining room and kitchen were very large and she had plants on them. It was so pretty. The garage has extra storage already built in and it was a larger garage which Kevan loved. So, our closing date is June 1st. We have so much to do!!

I do not have any pictures yet, but should have some by the end of the week. Thank you for praying for us. God has really blessed us with a beautiful home close to the seminary.

Friday, April 22, 2005

House Hunting

Well, house hunting was pretty disappointing. The houses here cost so much $$ and it was sad to see how much you got for your money. The first two houses that we looked at were way too small and didn't seem in very good shape. Although, Kevan liked one of them because it had a screened in pool/spa. Which was really nice, but the house was way too small and we would constantly feel cramped.

I fell in love with the 3rd house that we looked at, but Kevan did not like it as much. It hit the market TODAY and was about $20,000 less in price than any of the other homes we looked at. The backyard is shared with about 4 or 5 other neighbors and the location is not that great. Kevan will have about a 40 minute drive to work in the mornings, but the seminary is only 8 miles from the house. We are probably going to put a bid on it only because we did not have very many other options. I love the house, but hate that Kevan will have such a long commute to work.

The other 3 or 4 houses were pretty old homes, dirty and not very nice. Tomorrow we will be looking at a few more, but they are all pretty expensive. One is promising and is in a good location so maybe we will turn out to like that one.

We made it!

Well, we made it to Lake Mary, FL late last night. I listened to a book on tape (Joni Erickson-Tada) while Kevan read his Seminary books for class and the time flew by! Before we knew it we were here. I normally cannot drive at night because I get so tired, but the Lord was with us. We both felt Him helping us along last night.

We are both excited and we will be meeting with the realtor later today! Pray that we find a house and that we have peace that it is the one the Lord intends for us to buy. Thank you all for your prayers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Heading to Florida Again!

Hi Everyone,

Kevan and I will be going to Florida this week and would like to ask for everyone to pray for us. We will be driving down on Thursday evening. Friday we will be meeting with a realtor to try to find a place to live. The houses are pretty expensive and when they go up for sale they are usually under contract within 48 hours. So, we are hoping that the Lord places the house for us in the market when we step foot in Florida. I am pretty stressed out about finding a place and have to constantly remind myself that God is Sovereign and he knows exactly what we need. If He is calling us to Florida, He will provide a place for us.

We will update you all when we find something and post some pictures too!

See, Misty is already packed and ready to go!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New 2000 Xterra

We took this:

And This:

and Got This:

We traded in two of our vehicles and came home with ONE! We love it!