Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Living in Tennessee

Some of you may not know, but Kevan and I have a place up in Tennessee (thanks to Kevan's dad) where we've been staying. I was pretty hesitant about the place in the beginning because there seemed to be so much work involved with getting the place ready for us and looking nice. Not to mention all of the creepy things God created that have overtaken the porch, trees, etc. But it has turned out pretty nice so far. We have been here a total of 10 days so I thought i would make a list. I have written a list of my favorite things as well as the things I currently "dislike" about the place.

Things I love about the Sullivan Place:

8. I love that we have a 4-Wheeler that we can drive all over the property. It is soooooo fun! Here is a picture of Kevan sitting on it.

7. I love that a (very sweet) family member gave us a bedroom suite and we now have a bed to sleep on instead of the futon. My back is loving it! Our kitties our loving it too. (Yes, that is ugly paneling in the background....try to ignore it).

6. I love that when we go into a store or a restaurant the owners chat with us and if we are frequent visitors they recognize us and thank us for our business. One owner even offered to sell the store Kevan if Kevan wanted a job working 4am to 8pm. :o) I guess he doesn't know my husband. Kevan has never been awake in the 7's let alone the 4's.

5. I love that we have "Meat and 3's" within driving distance from our house. For those of you that don't know what a "Meat and 3" is...it means you get to order a meat (fried chicken, roast beef, BBQ, etc) and then pick out 3 veggies to go with it. It also comes with corn bread, biscuit or a roll. The price is usually about $5.99. It really warms my soul to eat at a "Meat and 3". Mmmmmm!

4. I love that there are Pear trees on the property and that we have been able to save about 15 lbs of good ones for me to can. I'll update the blog after canning on how that all goes.

3. I love that we have otters in our river. They are soooo cute. Sorry for such a bad picture, but they are FAST and it is hard to get a photo of them.

2. I love that we have birds coming to our feeders right outside our office windows. So, instead of seeing our neighbors side of the house or the road in front of our house (like in FL) I get to look out and watch the birds (and squirrels). I love birds.

1. I love love love the jacuzzi tub. I feel like I'm at a resort and it is big enough for two (we tested to make sure lol!). Again, I LOVE this and it is my favorite part of living in the country.

Things I dislike:

8. In the 10 days that we have lived here we have smelled or saw (running through a field) 6 skunks! CRAZINESS! I haven't smelled or seen a skunk in 5 years....so for 6 in 10 days....this place is overrun by skunks! Kevan said if I get my camera out and take a picture of one that the flash might cause him to....well....spray us with it's perfume. lol!! So, I won't be taking any pictures, just in case!

7. I hate that there are two HUGE satellite dishes in our yard. One that you see when you come in the driveway and one peeking out of the woods in the back of the house. I can't wait until we get them in the trailer and dispose of them.

6. I hate that I keep finding cave crickets in our bathroom. Now, I am blessed that they are "mini" cave crickets, but I just can't help thinking big daddy is somewhere in the bathroom just waiting to scare me. If you don't know what a cave cricket is. Here is a picture (warning: it is pretty gross).
5. I hate that we have wasps, bees, yellow jackets and hornets flying around right outside our door (due to the pear trees mostly). My husband purchased a yard stick and has successfully killed about a dozen hornets and wasps, but this still doesn't make me feel any better about them.

4. I hate that there are grand daddy long legs hanging from every corner of our porch, crawling on the front door, all over the front porch (along with all of their egg pouches). I did spray most of them (and their babies) with the pressure sprayer this weekend, but they are finding their way back.

3. I hate that the previous owner decided to use empty coffee cans for the top of their porch posts. lol! As soon as we are able we are going to finish the porch and add nice pretty post toppers!

2. I hate that the previous owner did not know what a square or straight line was. Everything is off kilter.

1. I hate that the DirecTV guy installed the dish on our PORCH! I will post a picture tomorrow if I have time.