Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine Gift for my Sweetheart

This is a pretty late post, but I've been pretty busy. For Valentine's Day I decided to purchase an Ipod for my husband. I know, very expensive gift for a Hallmark holiday, but he has wanted one for awhile that will work with his car stereo and Apple was having a good deal. The deal included free engraving. So, I purchased a black one to match his new (used) Black Eclipse. Here are some pictures.

Then, I thought he would need a case for it to keep it nice and shiny so I made him a little camo bag thingy to keep it in. I made it before I received the ipod though and it ended up way too big. I can't believe how tiny the ipod is!

The 1st picture is the back. There is a little pocket for him to put his headphones. I have noticed with the ones I have seen at the store I can never find one that will hold the headphones too. Then, I have a pocket on the inside to put the ipod in and a little flap that folds down and velcro's to the main part. I also added a little clip thing so he can clip it onto his belt loop or whatever.

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