Monday, May 11, 2009

Gyros and Hummus!

Tonight I made Gyros using Tammy's pita recipe and also made hummus. The pitas puff up in the oven which creates the "pocket" to stuff all of the meat, lettuce, tzatziki sauce, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes into. I should've taken a picture of the gyro, but we were so hungry we didn't want to stop to take pictures.

Here is a picture of my pitas. They turned out great. Kevan even asked me to make his sandwich for lunch tomorrow using the pita pocket instead of his normal sandwich bread.

If you like pita bread you should definitely try Tammy's recipe using the link above. I can't wait to have more hummus and bread for lunch tomorrow.


  1. Oh, YUM!! thanks for leaving a review, too! :)

  2. some of mine didn't puff and make a pocket. i think i rolled them too thin? other than that, this was fun and i'll try again.