Monday, August 16, 2010

Moss Park - Sunday Update

I may start doing a weekly Moss park update or some "outdoor" photography update each week since we usually do something outdoors every weekend. Yesterday, Kevan and I went to Moss Park to spend a few hours watching the wildlife and walking/driving around.

Shortly after we arrived we saw this momma deer. Kevan was able to walk almost all the way up to her. Then, we drove around where the boat dock parking lot is and saw this sweet baby.
We realized the twin was in the bushes and were able to wait around to get a pic of them together.
We ended up seeing many deer, a ton of sandhill cranes (that would run up to our car like they were happy to see us), a baby armadillo (didn't get a good pic) and squirrels. This is the first time we have gone and didn't see a single hawk (except for one flying by us) so I was a little disappointed, but the twins made up for it. It was a little rainy, but we still enjoyed our visit.

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  1. Wow.. the baby deers are so adorable..Its always nice to take a walk or just see the wild.. waiting to see more pics