Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let there be light....

Kevan started working from home about 6 months ago.  He moved into our office and started to realize that even though there is an overhead light it was way too dark to work when the day is overcast or when he is working late.  He decided to install recessed lighting (or can lights).  So, one day he went to home depot and bought the supplies (4 can lights + supplies).  I was pretty surprised how easy it was (although, I wasn't the one doing all the work).

First, he measured the office and then he measured in the attic and then he measured somemore.  I came in and stared at it with him and made suggestions and then he measured somemore.  Then, we decided this was the best place for the first one so he taped up the template. 


He purchased this really cool hole saw kit that traps most of the dust and ceiling peices when you cut the hole for the ceiling.  We had the Klein version, but Amazon has one that is similar to give you an idea.


Here is what the ceiling looked like after he cut it with his hole saw.


He just used a razor knife to remove the remaining drywall.  As you can see from my doesn't catch everything.  Insulation fell through from the attic.


But, look how much dust/popcorn ceiling pieces were not on my floor.


Then, he went up in the attic and fed down a cable to me in the office.


He finished wiring the light, I handed him the clips and now the can is safely in the ceiling.


He then added the trim ring and the light bulb and we ended up with this.


We didn't like the bulb sticking out so we went back to the Home Improvement store and purchased a different trim ring that allowed the receptacle to mount differently in the can.  This way the light bulb goes all the way up into the can and I think it looks much better.


Now, his office has a lot more light and he will be able to see better when working.  Here you can see two in the picture, there are 4 total. (Also, pretend you don't see his messy desk and we know the fan is off-center...we have no idea what the previous owners were thinking)

Lastly, Kevan didn't want to use the same switch as the fan so that he could use one and not the other.  So, he also wired a new switch.  In his defense, it is perfectly straight, but his wife (the picture taker) was apparently leaning when she took the picture.  Also, it is a dimmer switch so he can dim the lights if they are too bright.

Now, I'm about to confess something that I'm very embarrassed of.  Are you ready?  This is what my hallway looks like when my husband is working on a home improvement project.

Now, I could be a naggy wife and nag him until it is put away, but I wait patiently for several a few weeks for him to finish the project and at some point he decides it is time and cleans it up.  Or, I warn him that someone is coming over.  At least he lines it all up on one side I guess so we can walk down the left side.  :o)  The clothes lying on the floor is his "outfit" he wears when he's up in the attic.  So, I guess it does fit in with the other tools/stuff on the floor.  Anyone know how to keep your husband organized while doing a home improvement project?  I need ideas that will help me keep my house clean, but not nag him to death.  I want to be able to sweep/vacuum my hall without having to go around everything.


  1. Maybe he could "teach" you where he keeps everything and you could work together to put things back? It would probably only take 10-15 minutes. Once you know where he stores each tool it will probably be your job from now on to clean up after each project...but a small price to pay for the resulting home improvement...I'm just saying... :o)

  2. Norma,

    That is a good idea, but I'm not sure he would go for it because he would be scared I would put it in the wrong place. I will talk to him and see what he says. I don't mind putting them away if it means they won't be in my hallway.


  3. That is a pretty neat job of the little light project :)Coming to the idea of getting the men to be more organised.. i think that is a tough thing to ask for.. i find it tough with my husband at home after he has finished doing some work to tidy up the place.i find it best to do the post cleaning part myself because i would not be happy with what he will do even after my nagging :)