Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woolie Worm!

The first morning we woke up back at the farm I walked into the family room and looked out at the view.  I was a little overwhelmed at how high the grass was after being gone for several weeks, but I was happy to be back.  Then, suddenly, I realized...I wasn't alone.  I had two eyes staring back at me.

I quickly grabbed my camera so I could tell Kevan about this new kitty.  Aubie found him also and was sitting in the window looking at the new kitty.  I think Aubie was jealous because he's not allowed to go outside.  They talked to each other in kitty language for a little bit.

I knew, for sure, that this kitty would run the moment I tried to get near her.  I went to the kitchen to get her some food and water.  I just knew she would run the moment I brought it to her.  Boy was I wrong.  She seemed so happy to see me and acted like she was starving.  As she was eating I went to wake up Kevan.  This is what happened next...

She loves us.  Unfortunately, she was in need of a lot of love!  We petted her off/on all day.  Then, she cried all night long!!  Sorry Judy!  Judy spent the night and had to turn the air conditioner on to drown out the meow-ing.  We were pretty scared that this was going to be an ongoing thing, but once we fed her once more and loved on her she stopped her continuous crying. 

When we are outside she is always there following us around.  If we are working she will lay near us to watch.  When we went fishing she followed us all the way down to the pond.  She is a sweet girl!

She doesn't leave the yard.  When I feed her in the morning she is waiting on the porch and she is pretty much on the front or back porch the whole day.  Sometimes she wanders a little, but always comes when I call her.  We decided to name her "Woolie" since Kevan thought she looked like a Wooly Worm.  lol!  She is so adorable.  She still cries at the window now and then, but that's ok.  She just needs a little love and then she calms down again.

She is really funny.  She acts like she needs love so bad, but after about 5 minutes or so of petting or brushing her she tires of it and will try to bite you if you pet her anymore.  It is pretty funny.

When we went to Michigan I was scared she wouldn't be here when we got back since no one was here feeding her.  But, she was on the porch when we drove up.  I'm not sure what we will do with her when we head back to the city, but for now I am feeding her and loving her.

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