Monday, January 03, 2011

Heading into Deep Water...

The last full day that we were in Tennessee at the Sullivan House it rained.  Every time it rains we can hear the creek behind our house raging.  We had not yet investigated it during a rain since we arrived so we thought we better that day or we wouldn't have the opportunity. 

Kevan was going to drive his mom to the creek on the 4-Wheeler since she forgot her boots.  Then I was going to walk behind and we would meet up at the creek.  Sounds like a good plan right.  I thought so too.  I started off walking while they went to the barn for the 4-wheeler.  In order to get to the creek we have to pass through a little tiny stream that we usually just hop from rock to rock to get to the other side.  No biggie.  Except that when I got there, it looked like this....I didn't want to walk through that.  My boots are not waterproof.


I realized then that Kevan was going to have to take me for a ride on the 4-wheeler too in order to cross the stream.  I waited until he took Judy across and then he came back to get me.

Once across the little stream we walk through a nice path to the creek.  This is what it looks like on a normal day.


The day it rained, it looked like this.


I was sad thinking we wouldn't be able to get to the creek.  Kevan and Judy were getting on the 4-wheeler to go through the water to get to the creek.  I was thinking, "Are you crazy??"  Of course, I didn't say that out loud.  This is what I saw next.


Followed by...


So, I decided.  If it was okay for them...I guess I could make it too.  Kevan came back to get me.


There are no pictures of my trip since I had to keep my camera in a ziploc bag in my coat so it wouldn't get wet.  We finally made it to the creek.  This is the pretty creek on a non-rainy day.


This is the creek the day it rained.  Craziness!!  As you can see, the little island that Joe and Kevan were walking on in the previous picture is GONE.


Here is a little video for you too.

Finally, I would like to thank this little red 4-wheeler for keeping its passengers safe!  I was very happy we didn't get wet, stuck or that it didn't die on us.  Thank you little one!  You are a great little 4-wheeler.


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