Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paco-Vicunas, Goats and Dogs

A couple week's ago my husband and I had the opportunity to help out family friends with their computer.  I was so excited to go to their home because I knew they had farm animals....specifically, they had Paco-Vicunas!  I had heard stories about them and I couldn't wait to see them.  I asked Kevan to make the appointment earlier in the day just so I could visit with the animals before we worked on the computers.

Just look at this face!  Sorry the pic is blurry, but I had my cheap camera and it was dark in the barn.


Paco-Vicunas are wanted for their wool.  The males are so expensive (they have sold for up to $125,000) that our friends drive their "girls" all the way from Tennessee to Kansas to breed.  It is the closest place for them to find a "stud" for their "girls". 


They are a lot smaller than I imagined and VERY CUTE.  Also, they may look like the same picture, just zoomed in...it isn't (you can tell by the background).  She just always has that cute look on her face!


While we were there we were also able to pet (and covet) their goats.  They have both Boer and Kiko goats (about 50 of them).  They are all female. 


We realized when we were there that our friends really feed their goats well.  They are not pregnant...they are just that fat big!  :o)  I loved it.


Also, they let us meet their dogs and this one (Moses) even let me pet his tummy (I know...I cut his head off in the picture....oops). 


They believe he is the father to Bear, Kevan's father's dog.


Our friends were very gracious and fed us dinner too.  They even gave us a couple handfuls of their pecans which they hand picked from their pecan trees.  I don't have a picture of the pecans, but they had TONS.  We really enjoyed our visit at the Davis Farm.

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