Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day is Finally Here....

This is a very special week for me. In a few days we will be driving to Michigan to celebrate my sister's high school graduation. I can't believe the day is almost here. I am so proud of her. She received a volleyball scholarship so she will be attending college in the fall.


I remember 15 years ago when I moved 12 hours away from where I grew up. She was 3 years old. I think the hardest part was leaving my little sister and knowing in my heart that I may never move back. I may never see her grow up. I was right. It still breaks my heart to remember it. I told my mom I would only be gone 1 year and I have now been gone 15! Where does the time go? I'm sorry Mom!

It makes me sad that I was not there to see her grow up on a daily basis. I know I missed out on so much.

Although, I'm a little over protective so maybe it was a good thing as I'm sure I would've drove her crazy. I remember when she came to visit me when I lived in Chicago. I was so scared for her to come and be my sole responsibility for the week. I was scared we would get into a car accident and she'd get hurt. Or something else would happen and she would get hurt. It worked out great though. Well, except the part where she refused to go to church because she didn't like the shoes my mom had packed for her. She was 7! I had to stop by Target on the way to church just to buy her new shoes so she would go. We had a special week together (minus the kitten dying! Sorry Tasha for that bad memory!).

Also, I remember the time when we attended a family wedding. I did my hair up and my mom did Tasha's hair down. She was devastated! She said, "All the boys will want to dance with Jaydie and none of them will dance with me!" All because my hair was up! In the end, I'm pretty sure she danced with a 9-year-old boy that night and asked my parents to lie about her age. She was only 7 and she was already worried about boys! Things haven't changed!

I wanted a sister growing up because brother's were too rough. So, when my parent's adopted Tasha I was so excited to finally have my sister, even if I was 17 years old when she came along. I loved her from the moment I saw her (the day she was born).  We may not look like sisters on the outside, but to me she is 100% my sister in my heart and until someone mentions how different we look I actually forget. 

She was the most adorable little girl and boy did she love the attention (still does!). If we walked into a store everyone went right to her and she was such an actress! She loved to act out Shirley Temple or Maria Von Trapp (from The Sound of Music) or she would make up her own songs. She has always been so talented, whether it was sports, music, school, etc (unlike her older sister).  I can't even count how many times she has been in the local newspaper for her sport's achievements.

I'm so glad that God blessed me with her as my sister. Even though she is my only sister I am not her only sister. I have to say...it makes me a little jealous to think she has other sisters and I'm not her only one.  But, I am glad that her sisters have a sister like her too because she is one special young woman. 

The whole family (including the extended family) has tried to support her in any way we can...probably too much at times.  Instead of having one mom I'm sure she felt like she had at least 5.  We are a very close family so if Tasha was going through something we all felt like we were going through it with her.  If her heart breaks so does ours.  If she is overjoyed, so are we.

Now, she is going to college.  Tasha, I pray that during this time you will remember that God loves you and wants to be close to you.  To call on Him when you are hurting or need help (even if it is just a prayer to win a volleyball game!).  This is an important transition in your life and decisions now may be lifetime decisions.  Good or bad.  I pray that you find a husband that loves God and who treats you like a princess (I think she would insert "Diva".  lol).  I love you Tasha Amber!  I can't wait to see you graduate on Sunday, but I'm not sure I can ever think of you as an adult.  You will always be my beautiful little sister and I will always want to take care of you and be over-protective of you!  Thank you God for the most amazing sister (I love you too Don and Dave, but sister's are just so much more special. lol!)



  1. Thank you Jayde for being such an awesome sister to Tasha! She loves you very much. Mom

  2. Jayde--that was so touching--made me cry. You are a very loving sister. Proud of both of you! Mrs. Bonin