Monday, December 05, 2011

Too Many Babies? Whatever happened to God’s Providence?

I’ve felt compelled to write an opinion post. Something has been bothering me a lot lately. This post goes out to Christian women. Recently, the news came out with a story about a family with a show on the TLC channel. The name of their show is “19 Kids and Counting”. It is about a family with 19 children. They are taped on family adventures, daily routines, family milestones, etc. Personally, I love the show. I can sit down and watch a show and I don’t have to worry about bad language, sex, drugs, etc. They seem like a very nice family that tries to live their life in a godly way. I feel like they are an inspiration to me and to others in the way they live. Some of the things they have said or done on the show have influenced my daily life.

So, where am I going with this? A few weeks ago, an announcement was made on the news about Michelle Dugger, the mother, being pregnant with her 20th child. Following this announcement several of my friends and family made comments about how Michelle Dugger was irresponsible, should be using birth control, that she is a grandmother and should stop or that they cannot wait for this woman to reach menopause. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it has been eating me up inside that EVERY one of these women that made comments are Christian women. Have they read their bibles or listened to the Dugger’s testimony? What happened to God’s Providence in our lives? The Duggar’s were convicted early in marriage that they should rely on God for children and not on their own timing. They lost a child and believed it was due to Michelle being on birth control and were convinced that they had made a mistake. They aren’t creating these children themselves…GOD IS! God says in Jeremiah, 1:5, ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” God formed these children with his own hands. He knew everyone one of their children. Before you judge, think about if you had one less child than you do now. Would you give them up? Of course not. Do you think the Duggar’s would give up ANY of their 19 children? They are a blessing just as God tells us in His Word.

Every one of the Christian women that commented also have their own children. If anyone has a right to be upset over this it would be me. Kevan and I have been struggling for YEARS to have children and God has not given us even a pregnancy. I could be angry that God is giving this family child after child, but won’t give us even one child. But, you know what….I’m not at all angry with God. I think it is wonderful that God is giving this family the blessing of children. I believe in God’s Sovereignty and know that if God is not giving us children there is a reason. A very good reason. If God is giving the Duggar’s more children, then it is His decision to do so and I’m sure he has a very good reason.
Some may be basing their opinion on the fact that Michelle and Jim Bob’s 19th child was born very premature and required a lot of medical care, but SO WAS I. Should it mean that it is a sign from God that they should stop? Of course not. Wouldn’t the sign be that God would not provide them with more children? They are relying on God to determine their family size. Also, I hear that Michelle is putting her life in danger every time she has another child. Everyone’s going to die at some point. God determines our death. I’m sure that Michelle Duggar is a little scared inside due to her last pregnancy, but she has faith that God is there with her. If God decides to take her and leave Jim Bob with all of those children then God will provide for them.

Also, if you have watched the show you will understand that they know that Michelle’s life could be taken in pregnancy or childbirth. At each child’s birthday Jim Bob encourages that child to thank their mother for their birth. He explains that it impacted their mom is various ways to have them (body changes, birth, complications. etc). They don’t take Michelle giving birth lightly, but they put her life in the hands of God. They understand how precious life is.

If you have a problem with Michelle Duggar having another child, your issue is not with Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar, it is with God. If God blesses them with a child then God has a plan in it. If Michelle dies during her pregnancy or during the birth of this child then God has a plan in that too. I pray that does not happen as they are a wonderful family that loves God and I think it would be a sad loss for not just the family, but for the influence she has been on so many. They are raising their Christian family to love the Lord, be productive citizens and to serve others. I think that this is a great thing and more Christian families should be raising up little mini-armies for the Lord. They will impact generations with their children.

For those that think Michelle should go on birth control, I have a few questions for you. Where do you find this supported in scripture? Where in scripture is a child not considered a blessing? Is there scripture that supports their position? If it is not the Bible that is leading your criticism, what is? The world? Aren’t we supposed to be "transforming our minds"? Transforming our minds from what to what? Isn't it from the ways of the world to God's ways?


  1. More power to them. I just know it would not be MY choice.

  2. Amen! Well said!