Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Reading List

Pride And Prejudice

Below are the books I have read during 2010.  I read a lot of "girlie" books this year and enjoyed them all.  I didn't read as many books as previous years since I started reading only the Old Testament the last 4 months so it has stopped any other reading.  Also, I took 5 classes this year so that also cut out a lot of my personal reading time.  All books with an asterisk (*) were read on my kindle.  Click here if you are interested in last year's list.

They are in the order of Most Current to Oldest Ones Read:
  1. Old Testament * (The Bible in 90 Days) - I started on September 4th and I am almost finished with just the Old Testament.  It has taken me a lot longer than 90 days, but it has been a great experience.  I read it on my kindle so it is easy to carry my bible with me to the doctor and read while I'm waiting, read in the car while Kevan is driving or read at night while I take my bath.  It takes me about an hour or so to read the full days reading.
  2. The Contrary Farmer (Gene Logsdon) - This book was okay.  I'm not sure I would recommend it.  He does not have the same political views as I do so it was hard to get through some things, but the farming information was pretty good.
  3. Sense and Sensibility * (Jane Austen) **
  4. Persuasion * (Jane Austen) **
  5. Pride and Prejudice * (Jane Austen) **
  6. Emma * (Jane Austen) **
  7. Midnight Sun * (Partial Book by Stephanie Meyer)
  8. A Passion Denied * Book 3 (Julie Lessman) ***
  9. A Passion Redeemed * Book 2 (Julie Lessman) ***
  10. A Passion Most Pure * Book 1 (Julie Lessman) ***
  11. The Confession * Book 2 of The Heritage of Lancaster County Series (Beverly Lewis)
  12. The Shunning * Book 1 of The Heritage of Lancaster County Series (Beverly Lewis)
  13. Coral Castle The Story of Ed Leedskalnin and his American Stonehenge (Rusty McClure, Jack Heffron) - I really enjoyed this book.  We traveled to Coral Castle in Homestead, FL to view it in person and that is where I purchased the book.  Ed was a very interesting man.
  14. Core Christianity: What is Christianity all About? (Elmer Towns) - This was a book I had to read for a class at Liberty.
I love to read so I enjoyed all of the books. 

* Read on my kindle.

**Jane Austen - It is hard to say which Jane Austen book was my favorite (this was my first time reading them).  There were so many parts that I loved about each of them.  My favorite characters were Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) and Emma and Mr. Knightly (Emma).  I would have to say Pride and Prejudice was probably my favorite, but Emma is very close behind.

***The Julie Lessman's books are Christian Fiction Romance novels and I would not recommend them to someone that is younger than 18.  They aren't x-rated or anything (of course!) and they are not that graphic, but I feel certain topics were too mature for someone under 18.

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