Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rock Island State Park

I recently took my family to see Rock Island State Park while they were visiting. I did not take very many pictures so I will be including pictures from October this year as well as pictures from December. This post is to document my family's visit during Christmas 2010. We had a great time, but my mom fell because it was so slippery and it is such an awful feeling to know that your mom has fallen and injured herself. She is going to be fine. She just scraped her palm and knee pretty good, but we got her all bandaged up when we arrived back home. She will be good as new in a few weeks.

Here is a picture of the dam.

Below is a picture of where the local kids cliff dive when it is warm. This picture is from October. No one was cliff diving when we were there. It was way too cold. If you are a Twilight fan...I'm sure you can imagine that it is Jacob jumping from the cliff. Hee hee!

Another picture of another group of falls farther away.

Close up of the falls.

Tasha and Joe walked up to this little building. We were unsure what it was, but it was across the street from the old mill.


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