Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hungry Hungry Cows!

Kevan and I drove over to his dad's farm tonight to check on the cows.  When we first drove up I noticed this big lump of black up on a hill near a cow.  I figured it must be a new calf.


While Kevan was putting air in the gator's tires I went through the gate and walked up to the hill to see if it was a new baby calf.  I was scared that it was dead.  It wasn't moving at all.  The mother was getting upset with me and I was a little scared of her so I decided to walk back and get into the gator to drive up there.  They recognize the gator since Kevan's dad drives it around the farm.


As we got closer I was convinced it was dead.  It still wasn't moving at all. 


Then, I noticed it blink. I was so happy.  The mama cow was not happy with us.  You can see here that she is screaming at us.


The mom started to nudge the baby and it finally stood up and walked away with her.


Then, it was time to feed the cows.  Kevan got on the tractor and drove over to the row of hay. 

He stuck the hay spike into one of the rolls of hay.  (That is a neighbor in the picture.  He came over to help us.)

Then, Kevan picked it up and drove it out into the pasture.

Then left it in the pasture for them.  They acted like they had never eaten.  They were HUNGRY!

There was little dog following us around the whole time.  I've never met this dog before so I'm guessing it was a neighbor's dog.  By the time we finished another neighbor's dog also came to say hello.  That is what happens when you are in the country.


Before we left we drove around the whole farm to check the fences.  We had really bad storms last night and wanted to check to make sure nothing fell onto the fence.  Here is a picture of the view from one of the hills we drove over.  That is the barn on the other side of the farm, where we fed the cows. The place where we took the picture is where we hope our next house is built someday.  So, that will be our view every morning.


The only bad part of this whole thing was the amount of manure that was splattered onto me from the wheels of the gator.  Oh, farm life!  Time to wash my clothes....

I'll leave you with the new baby picture...her eyelashes are so pretty.


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  1. Such great pictures! What a sweet little calf! Thanks for sharing a little bit of country life with us city folk! It looks beautiful!